The impact of hosting on website promotion and traffic

One of the most popular discussions on the forums is a sharp drop in site traffic. This always causes some damage to the business, as the entrepreneur for a long time can not understand what exactly is the reason. In some cases, it lies on the surface, but it is not always easy to find. The main reasons why this happens we will consider below. This article will be useful to every businessman who is faced with a drop in traffic of his website.

Seasonality and site traffic

A resource can take positions due to the seasonality of traffic. For example, searches such as “kayaking” and “apricot pie” are relevant only in the summer. Therefore, it is likely that attendance is falling due to inappropriate season. Also, due to the fact that some queries become outdated, the frequency of their search may fall forever. A striking example is the search query “ICQ”, because almost no one already uses this program.

What is the impact of hosting on traffic

Far from the last role is played by the hosting provider. The server crashed, the site became inaccessible, as a result – a complete lack of attendance. Also, some sites may be closed after complaints from organizations providing Internet access. Hosting can affect traffic negatively in the following cases:

  1. The presence of viruses, paid archives and clickers – the antivirus blocks access to sites that are a “breeding ground” of viruses and poorly ranks portals with installed comebackers, popunder and others. Website traffic may also fall if the archive was not uploaded correctly.
  2. Changes on the site – change of address and lack of redirection to a new, changed design and CMS, as well as the presence of pages with errors that appeared due to changes in the robots.txt file.
  3. Page duplicates – website promotion may not work if the aforementioned file is incorrectly configured or the rel = ”canonical” tag is not used. Along with other settings, he is also responsible for getting certain pages into the search. To search for duplicates, you must use the Google panel for the webmaster.
  4. Filters – it’s accurate to say for what reason one of the portals is under the filter, only a search engine employee can. Even sites without external links that have unique content and are optimized fall under the filter. How does hosting affect website promotion in this case? Positions for key phrases are much lower, so attendance is almost zero.
  5. Competition is also a dangerous point to pay attention to. To remove extra pages from the issuance, site owners can increase traffic, use links with low-quality anchors. In the position results sag. Only decisive measures can solve this problem. You should also reject every low-quality link using Google services.

What should be done if website promotion does not produce the desired results

You need to regularly monitor attendance using services such as Google Analytics. It is also necessary to remember that search engine algorithms are regularly updated and this fact must be taken into account. If you think that the problem is in the hosting itself, then you should consider the need to transfer your site to some kind of more reliable resource. A great hosting option can be found at There are many different options, each of which has some differences. Depending on what kind of project you are conducting and how many visitors are regularly on the resource, you will need to choose a specific hosting option that is ideal for your needs. Choosing a reliable hosting provider you can guarantee your resource a stable connection and high uptime.